Transportstaffel XI. Fliegerkorps

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Transportstaffel XI. Fliegerkorps

(Unit Code: ?)

Formation. (Spring 41)

Formed April(?) 1941 in conjunction with the forthcoming airborne and air-landing assault on Crete by renaming Stabsstaffel/7. Fliegerdivision. Place of formation unknown, but XI. Fliegerkorps had its headquarters at Berlin-Tempelhof and had been established on 1 Jan 41 as the replacement and training command for Germany’s airborne forces. It should also be noted that this Staffel is completely separate from and not to be confused with either Stabskette XI. Fliegerkorps or Flugbereitschaft XI. Fliegerkorps.[1]

Germany, Balkans, France and Italy. (Spring 41 - c. Feb 44)

10 Aug 43: at Nîmes/S France with 1(1) He 111, 1 (1) DFS 230 glider and 4(3) Fi 156s.[2]

1 Mar 44: on 1 March 1944 XI. Fliegerkorps was renamed Stab/1. Fallschirm-Armee and around the same time its Transportstaffel was re-designated Verbindungsstaffel 1. Fallschirm-Armee.[3]

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