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Verbindungskommando (S) 2

Code ( ? + ? )

Ordered formed June 1942 at Hildesheim.

Ordered disbanded October 1943.


Stab/2: L 49 138 (*6/43 from assets of 5.(Go 242)-Staffel. +7 Dec. 1943).

1.(DFS) Staffel/2: L 49 457 (*6/42 by renaming 8.(DFS 230)-Staffel. +May 1943).

2 (DFS) Staffel/2: L 49 488 (*6/42 by renaming 9.(DFS 230)-Staffel. +May 1943).

1 (Go) Staffel/2: L 49 175 (*6/42 by renaming 6.(Go 242)-Staffel. 11 Nov 1943 re- named 3.(Go)/Schleppgruppe 1).

2.(Go) Staffel/2: L 49 138 (*6/42 by renaming 5.(Go 242)-Staffel. June 1943 renamed Stab/Verb.Kdo. (S) 2).


Raised at Lecce/SE Italy in late May 1942, initially as or from Schleppstaffel Go 242/XI. Fliegerkorps for assignment to Luftflotte 2 in the Mediterranean. Verb.Kdo.(S) 2 began deploying its DFS and Go Staffeln to Italy before the end of June. Airfields located in the heel of the Italian boot were selected as permanent stations, but from the beginning of their arrival in Italy the Staffeln were assigned operationally throughout the theatre and became familiar sights on airfields all over the Mediterranean. Between July and October 1942, 1.(DFS) Staffel was sent to Tobruk in Libya from where it was used to haul fuel and supplies forward to Fuka for the DAK (Deutsches Afrikakorps). The two Go 242 Staffeln flew supplies from Greece and Crete to Tobruk and Derna in North Africa from July to November 1942. By the end of November, Lt.-Gen. Bernard Montgomery's offensive at El Alamein had driven far enough west to make glider supply flights to Libya impractical, and VK(S) 2 spent most of the month of December refitting in South Italy.

In January 1943, the Kommando was called upon to help supply the rapidly growing Luftwaffe infrastructure on Sardinia. Operating under the Air Transport Commander Mediterranean (Lufttransportführer Mittelmeer), all four Staffeln were used to fly

replacement engines and other critical components from the field aviation depot at Naples-Cancello (Feldluftpark 2/VII) to the main airfields at Cagliari-Elmas, Villacidro and Alghero. These flights were continued until May, when major organizational changes brought an end to VK(S) 2's days in Italy. The two DFS 230 Staffeln were disbanded and all personnel were sent to Ergänzungsgruppe (S) 1 at Langendiebach. The two Go 242 Staffeln were transferred in June to Belgrade-Zemun in Yugoslavia, and then shortly thereafter to Salonika-Mega in northeast Greece. From this point, the formation's lineage becomes somewhat unclear, but it is certain that 1.(Go) Staffel remained at Salonika-Mega until October 1943 when it became 3.(Go)/Schleppgruppe 1. The other Go 242 Staffel was disbanded - one account maintaining that this took place in France in October 1943.

But according to the data in the field postal listings, 2.(Go) Staffel's number was given to the newly activated Stab/VK(S) 2 in June 1943. Perhaps both accounts are correct, with only a few senior personnel being taken from the Staffel to form the Stab. [1]

Kommandeure (Commanding Officers)

Hptm. Herbert Frömert (7/42 - ? )11/42


Hildesheim/SE Hannover (6/42 – 6/42)

Lecce/S.Italy (6/42 - c. 12/42)

San Pancrazio/S Italy (c. 12/42 - c. 3/43)

Naples-Pomigliano (c. 3/43 - 6/43)

Belgrade-Zemun/Yugoslavia (6/43 - 6/43)

Salonika-Mega/NW Greece (6/43 - 10/43)

Equipment and Returns

DFS 230 and Go 242 gliders (1942 - 6/43).

He 111s(?) and Go 242 gliders (6/43 - 10/43).

Representative Losses Verb.Kdo. (S) 2


15-18.7.42: reported numerous Hs 126 and DFS 230 accidents and crashes at Tobruk airfield in North Africa.

20.7.42: Go 242 crash landed at Lecce airfield in SE Italy, 80%.

7.8.42: He 111 crash landed at Iraklion airfield/Crete, 35%.

11.8.42: Avia B 534 force landed at Athens-Kalamaki airfield/Greece, 45%.

21.8.42: Bf 110 (SK+GR) missing on flight from Tobruk to Tympaklion/Crete, 100%, 2 MIA.

31.8.42: He 111 crashed at Lecce, no details.
6.9.42: He 111 crash landed in bad weather at Athens-Kalamaki, 90%, 3 injured.
21.10.42: He 111 H-6 crash landed at Tobruk airfield, 50%.

30.10.42: Ju 87 shot down at Quasaba landing ground/Egypt, 100%.

2.11.42: He 111 damaged landing at Tobruk, 40%.

8-11.11.42: 1 x He 111, 4 x Ju 87s, 4 x Hs 126s, 6 x DFS 230s and 1 x Go 242 intentionally destroyed to prevent capture at Quasaba, Gambit, Halfaya Pass, Bomba, Sollum and Tobruk.

16.11.42: He 111 shot down or strafed on the ground at Sidi Magrun landing ground/Libya, 100%.

30.12.42: He 111 damaged taxiing at Lecce, 15%.

3.1.43: He 111 H-5 (L5+BL) reported missing, 100%, 5 MIA. Aircraft probably received from or borrowed from KGr.z.b.V. 5.

20.5.43: He 111 H-11 bombed on ground at Alghero airfield/Sardinia, 90%.

Also see:

BERNETT, Klaus, Lt. ?

HARTIG, ? , Oblt. WIA. POW.

HOFF, ? , Oblt. Staka 2.(Go)/VK(S) 2.

SCHUMACHER, (Heinz? Karl?), Oblt. Staka 1.(DFS)/Verb.Kdo. (S) 2.

SCHUMANN, ? , Oblt. Staka 3./Verbindungskdo. (S) 2.

WERNER, Hermann, Hptm. Staka 1.(Go)/Verb.Kdo. (S) 2.

ZIEGLER, (Jürgen? Werner?), Oblt./Hptm. Staka of 1. (Go) Staffel/Verbindungskdo. (S) 2.

Markings (LH + 1·8) — DFS 230B-1 belonging to 1.(DFS)/Verb.Kdo.(S) 2 at Comiso/Sicily fall 1942 or spring 1943.

Also see: Ketley, Barry. Luftwaffe Emblems 1939-1945. Manchester: Crécy Publishing Limited, 2012.

Distinctions and Remarks

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress, 2023).

(1st Draft 2023)


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