Verbindungsstaffel 17. Fliegerdivision

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Verbindungsstaffel 17. Fliegerdivision

(Unit Code: ?)

Formation and History. (1944?)

Formed on or about 1 February 1945 at Zagreb/Croatia by renaming Verbindungsstaffel 58. No additional information has been found, except for the fact that it was still located at Zagreb in April. It probably moved to Bruck a.d. Mur/Austria at the beginning of May with Stab/17. Fliegerdivision.[1]

FpN:(L 52387)


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  1. N.Kannapin-Feldpostübersicht; mention of Staffel in various German documents; M.Rauchensteiner-Der Krieg in Österreich, 1945:359.

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