Verbindungsstaffel 3

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Verbindungsstaffel 3

(Unit Code: F5+)

Formation. (Apr - Jun 41)

No information as to exact date and place of formation found in the surviving primary documents, but a postwar published source says April 1941.[1]

Central Russia and Italy. (c. Jun 41 - c. Apr 44)

Jun 41: central sector of the Eastern Front attached to Koluft/Heeresgruppe Mitte.[2]

28 Jun 41: Fi 156 C-2 crashed between Fp. Warsaw-Bielany and Grodno/NE Poland, 100%, General d. Infanterie Schmidt and one other injured.[3]

c. Dec 41: transferred from C Russia to Germany to rest and refit, and then to the Mediterranean and North Africa theater approximately 25 Apr 42.[4]

26 Jun 42: Fi 156 crash landed near Naples, 35%.

Aug 43: said to have been ordered disbanded.[5]

4 Feb 44: Staffel’s FpN deleted this date.[6]

22 Apr 44: 5 He 111s (F5+BH, EH, FH, GH and HH), 1 Me 110 and 1 Fw 58, all belonging to Verbindungsstaffel 3, departed Bergamo-Vicenza en-route to Piacenza. This suggests its aircraft were being reassigned to other units. [7]

FpN:(L 34697)


(none found)

Other Officers Assigned to this Staffel:

LEFHOLZ, Karl-Herbert. Oblt. Offz.z.b.V.

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