Verbindungsstaffel 62

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Verbindungsstaffel 62

(Unit Code: ?)

Formation. (Apr - May 41)

No information as to exact date and place of formation. [1]

Russia. (Jun 41 - c. Mar 43)

Jun 41 – c. Nov 41: Staffel was assigned to GL/Luftwaffenbeute Einsatzstab (Director of German Air Force Equipment/Captured Material Operations Staff) and flew regularly scheduled flights between all of the GL/LwB Meldeköpfe (Captured Material Reporting Centers) and Luftzeugstäbe (Air Force Equipment Staffs) that were concerned with the recovery and salvage of captured Soviet aircraft and equipment throughout Russia. The identity of its home airfields during this 6-month period have not been found. In November 1941 it was disbanded and the aircraft and personnel returned to their school units from which they had been borrowed.[2]

Apr 42: re-established at Kaufbeuren/Bavaria on c. 25 April for assignment to AOK 6 in South Russia using crews taken from FFS A/B 23 Kaufbeuren and several other schools. Equipped with 4 W 34s and 4 Fi 156s, the Staffel trained at Kaufbeuren until it transferred to Kursk on 14 June 1942. As the German summer offensive moved forward during July, August and into the fall, the Staffel was based variously at Poltava, Voronezh, Pimen Cherni and then Stalingrad where it was assigned to Pz.AOK 4 (4th Panzer Army); it was listed as destroyed in January 1943. Only three loss reports for W 34s and Fi 156s were filed from June through September, and none of these aircraft were totaled. Its surviving assets (mainly personnel) were assembled after the surrender of AOK 6 in Stalingrad at the beginning of February and a few weeks later Verb.St. 62 was renamed Kurierstaffel 40 at Kharkov.[3]

FpN:(L 18646, then L 49161)


Oblt. Robert Reiprich (Apr 42 - ? )

Ofw. (Lt.?) Xaver Ellenrieder ( ? - ? ) 1942-43

Lt. August Albert (1 Mar 43 - 1 Mar 43)

Other Personnel Assigned to or Associated with this Staffel:

(none found)

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