Verbindungsstaffel 7

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Verbindungsstaffel 7

Formation. (Mar 44)

Formed March 1944 at Berlin-Staaken and Rastenburg/East Prussia, possibly using assets taken from Kurierstaffel des Führers. Staffel equipped with day and night fighters as well as courier/liaison aircraft.[1]

Germany. (Mar 44 - May 45)

25 Apr 44: the Staffel filed a claim for shooting down an RAF Lancaster bomber near Dachau/N of Munich at 0209 hours. Unfortunately, there are no further details.[2]

27 Apr 44: Ju 88C-6 lost in the Schweinfurt area during a night fighter mission, 100%, Staffelkapitän Hptm. Bornschein and 2 others KIA.[3]

Jan-Feb 45: said to be based at Fp. Ainring on the western outskirts of Salzburg. [4]

Apr 45: at Neuburg/Donau with at least some He 262 jets. The Staffel was supposed to move to Lechhausen along the Munich-Augsburg Autobahn and use the Autobahn as a runway. Whether or not this move was made is unknown as the Staffel was ordered disbanded a few days after the move order. [5]

FpN:(L 08047?, L 32088?)


Hptm. Walter (Willi) Bornschein (Mar 44 - 27 Apr 44) KIA

Hptm. Paul Talk (May 44 - 8 May 45)

Other Personnel with this Staffel:

ALBER, Georg. Hptm. Pilot.

KOHMANN, Johannes (Hanns). Hptm. Pilot.

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