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[Meteorological District Center]

KStN: 5785

There were 2 to 4 of these in each Luftgau and Feldluftgau area, but it is not known how many of them had aircraft assigned for taking airborne weather readings. Only a few of them seem to be mentioned in the surviving Luftwaffe documents and only one of them mentions having an aircraft.

Special Note:

The history of the Luftwaffe Weather Service, all of the Staffeln, the Wetterflugstellen, the Wetterketten and all other components engaged in meteorological reconnaissance activities are covered in extensive detail in: Kington, John A. & Franz Selinger, WEKUSTA – Luftwaffe Meteorological Reconnaissance Units & Operations 1938-1945, Ottringham/East Yorkshire (U.K.), 2006. Accordingly, rather than repeat what has already been treated in considerable detail, the researcher/reader is encouraged to see this extraordinary study.

Wetterbezirkszentrale 752 München-Riem

No other information found.

28.4.41: Fw 58 damaged in accident at Munich-Riem airfield.


(not found)

Wetterbezirkszentrale 851 Verona

No other information found. Not known to have any assigned aircraft.

Ground Components of the Luftwaffe Weather Organization

These are beyond the scope of what is to be covered here, i.e., weather units equipped with aircraft, but should nevertheless be mentioned:

Wetterberatungszentrale (Meteorological Advisory Center)

Wetterberatungsstelle (Meteorological Advisory Station) – 3 kinds: Stationary, Transferable, Motorized.

Wetternebenstelle ( Meteorological Sub-Station)

Wetterhilfsnebenstelle (Meteorological Auxiliary Station)

Wetterforschungsstelle (Meteorological Research Station)

Wetterbeobachtungsstelle (Meteorological Observation Station)

Wetterdienststelle der Luftwaffe (Air Force Meteorological Service Station)

Wetter-Funkleitstelle der Luftwaffe (Air Force Meteorological Radio Control Station)

Radiosondenstation (Radiosonde Station)

Radiosondenzug (Radiosonde Platoon)

Wetterpeilzug (Meteorological Direction-Finding Platoon)

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