Wettererkundungsstaffel 26 (Ost-Staffel)

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Wettererkundungsstaffel 26 (Ost-Staffel)

Unit Code: (C5 + )


Ordered formed 15 June 1944 (other sources say 20 July 1944) at Thorn (Torun)/W Poland (new) for Luftflotte 6.

For reasons that remain somewhat unclear, the Staffel was in existence for some 7 months but never achieved operational status. The apparent reason for this is the Staffel’s conversion to the Ju 188 D-2 and F-1 along with the period of workup that followed. Of even greater significance was the slow arrival of equipment, personnel and the critical lack of fuel, along with several disruptive station changes. On 29 November 1944 it was listed as still at Thorn with 6(5) planes (type not specified) attached to FAGr 2, but then moved to Kolberg/Pomerania during the second half of January 1945 as the Soviet winter offensive drove the Germans out of western Poland (formerly East Prussia). Still at Kolberg, it was ordered to transfer to Salzwedel/80 km NE of Braunschweig on 8 February 1945, ordered to move again to Neubrandenburg and officially disbanded there on 14 February 1945. Some of the Staffel's assets were to be used to form Wetterbeobachtungstrupp 26 (weather observation section), this probably consisting of the Staffel's meteorological personnel. [1]

FpN: Westa 26 (Ost-Staffel) (L 62318).


Oblt. Heinz Lindhorst (8/44 - 2/45)

Special Note:

The history of the Luftwaffe Weather Service, this Staffel, all of the other Staffeln, the Wetterflugstellen, the Wetterketten and all other components engaged in meteorological reconnaissance activities are covered in extensive detail in: Kington, John A. & Franz Selinger, WEKUSTA – Luftwaffe Meteorological Reconnaissance Units & Operations 1938-1945, Ottringham/East Yorkshire (U.K.), 2006. Accordingly, rather than repeat what has already been treated in considerable detail, the researcher/reader is encouraged to see this extraordinary study.

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress, 2022).

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