Wettererkundungsstaffel beim Ob.d.L.

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Wettererkundungsstaffel beim Ob.d.L.

Unit Code: (T5 + )

also as: Grossraum-Wettererkundungsstaffel (3/38 - c.3/39)


Formed 15 March 1938 at Berlin-Gatow as the Luftwaffe's first weather reconnaissance squadron. Equipped with Heinkel He 111s. The Staffel became the cadre unit for training personnel that would later fill the positions in the 11 Wekusta that followed. [1]


1.9.39: Berlin-Gatow directly under Ob.d.L. with 8 He 111Js - flew limited weather reconnaissance flights over Poland during the September campaign. [2]

1939-40: weather flights over France prior to the campaign in the West that began on 10 May 1940.[3]

4/40: one Kette was detached from the Staffel and transferred to Stavanger/SW Norway.[4]

9.5.40: a Dornier Do 17Z from the Staffel was shot down by RAF Hurricanes in the Scapa Flow Home Fleet anchorage area/Orkney Islands.[5]

10.5.40: Berlin-Gatow at the opening of the Blitzkrieg in the West - directly under Ob.d.L. with 4 Do 17Z’s, 2 He 111J’s and 2 He 111H’s. [6]

5/40 - 6/40: flew weather reconnaissance in support of operations in the West, while the Kette at Stavanger-Sola provided weather coverage over the Norwegian Sea and North Sea.

7/40: Staffel split into a Westa 1 Ob.d.L. and a Westa 2 Ob.d.L. [7]

FpN: Westa beim Ob.d.L. (none found).


Oberregierungsrat Dr. Walther Kopp (6/39 - 12/39)

Hptm. Kurt Jonas (12/39 - 7/40)

Special Note:

The history of the Luftwaffe Weather Service, this Staffel, all of the other Staffeln, the Wetterflugstellen, the Wetterketten and all other components engaged in meteorological reconnaissance activities are covered in extensive detail in: Kington, John A. & Franz Selinger, WEKUSTA – Luftwaffe Meteorological Rec onnaissance Units & Operations 1938-1945, Ottringham/East Yorkshire (U.K.), 2006. Accordingly, rather than repeat what has already been treated in considerable detail, the researcher/reader is encouraged to see this extraordinary study.

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress, 2022).

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