Wetterkette Nord

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Wetterkette Nord

Unit Code: (5M + )

also as: Wetterkette X.Fliegerkorps


Formed 1 April 1940 at Hamburg-Fuhlsblüttel from assets provided by Wettererkundungsstaffel beim Ob.d.L. Initially equipped with 3 Heinkel He 111Hs. [1]Another secondary source [2]gives the beginning of 1940 at Westerland/Sylt as the date and place of formation, and yet another gives Stavanger-Sola. [3]


4/40: formed specifically to accompany and support the occupation of Denmark and Norway from 9 April, the Kette transferred to Norway around the middle of April, first to Westerland/Sylt and then to Stavanger-Sola. [4]

10.5.40: now at Oslo-Fornebu with 3 He 111Hs, but in the process of transferring in whole or in part to Template:Anchor Trondheim-Vaernes since 8 May.[5]

5/40 – 9/40: see Wekusta 5 for additional information.

13.8.40: now at Stavanger-Sola under X.Fliegerkorps/Luftflotte 5 with 4 He 111Hs.[6] This location needs confirmation as Kington/Selinger has it at Trondheim-Vaernes on this date and makes no mention of a move to Stavanger-Sola.

9/40: disbanded and assets incorporated into Westa 5 at Trondheim-Vaernes. [7]

FpN: Wetterkette Nord (none found).


Oblt. Heinz Köhler? (1.4.40 - ? )

Lt. Erwin(?) Zöllner ( - 9/40)

Special Note:

The history of the Luftwaffe Weather Service, this Staffel, all of the other Staffeln, the Wetterflugstellen, the Wetterketten and all other components engaged in meteorological reconnaissance activities are covered in extensive detail in: Kington, John A. & Franz Selinger, WEKUSTA – Luftwaffe Meteorological Reconnaissance Units & Operations 1938-1945, Ottringham/East Yorkshire (U.K.), 2006. Accordingly, rather than repeat what has already been treated in considerable detail, the researcher/reader is encouraged to see this extraordinary study.

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress, 2022).

(1st Draft 2022)


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