Wetterkette Südnorwegen

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AKA Wetterkette Stavanger

D7+ staffel letter in the range VH to ZH[1]

Late 1941 – Formed as a detachment of Wekusta 1 Ob.d.L.

Initially, flights were made every other day. However, the frequency was increased.[2]

30 Sep 1942 – 200th Sortie flown.[2]

9 Jul 1943 – Ju 88 suffered an engine failure while on a sortie to the far west. It took 6 hrs 41 minutes to return to Stavanger-Sola giving a total sortie time of 13hrs 26 minutes.[2]

Sep 1943 – Special commendation issued to the unit by GenObst Hans-Jürgen Stumpf for additionally reporting naval/convoy activity in its area of operation.[2]

Jan 1944 – Expanded to full staffel strength and became Wekusta 3.[3]


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