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Y-System . A VHF single beam/range-measuring precision bombing system

Y-Verfahren was first utilised for an operational attack on the night of 9/10 October, 1940, when two aircraft from III./KG 26 raided the Crown Tube Works at Birmingham. Y-Verfahren was far more advanced than X-Verfahren.

Y-Verfahren (made up of Woton II ground stations and Y-Gerat equipment on board the aircraft) as precision fixing by electronic distance measuring was more precise than that provided by cross beams (the X-Verfahren system). In trials it was found that, using Y-Verfahren, it was possible to hit tragets the size of a factory or powere station at distances up to 120 miles. Larger targets such as airfields, dock area's or specific industrial districts in cities, could be hit at ranges of 200 miles or more. To achieve this though aircraft had to fly at 20,000ft or higher to ensure good reception of the VHF signals. The main limitation to the Y-Verfahren system was that a ground station (Woton II) could only handle up to five aircraft at any one time.[1]


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