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2.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 22 (3rd Formation)

Formation and History. (Mar 45 - May 45)

Ordered re-established at Parow on the Baltic coast under Stab/SAGr.126. The Staffel was to be equipped with Me 410s and assigned to fly coastal reconnaissance, anti-submarine patrols and armed recce missions over the Baltic in behalf of the Navy but under the operational control of Fliegerführer 6. It appears that the initial gathering of personnel may have commenced in mid-March 1945. Surviving documents noting its re-establishment are dated 29 March and 28 April 1945, but it does not appear that it was completed before the war ended.[1]

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  1. T-321 roll 50/frame 876; AFHRA: decimal 512.625S.

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