2.(H)/31 - 1940, Flying personnel and officers

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From Kurt Metzner's Chronik der 2.(H)/31[1]


Rang Name Anmerkungen
Lt/Oblt. Auer v. Herrenkirchen BefStOffz. (with the Staffel until 8/40), B/FF
Lt. Benninghoff-Lühl
Oblt. Bethke (v. Heer) among other duties deployed as Flivo.
Fw. Brünn
Oblt. Büttner (v. Heer)
Lt. Coester (v. Heer)
Lt. v. Eichborn (v. Heer)
Hptm. Friedrich, H. Offz. z.b.V.
Fw/Lt. Hahn
Fw. Hilpert
Lt. Hoffmann (v. Heer) (with the Staffel from Autumn 1940)
Wm/Lt. Hofsäß (v. Heer)
Oblt. Graf v. Kanitz Deployed as a Flivo.
Oblt. Koecher NachrOffz d. Staffel, killed in action during a reconnaissance sortie in northern France on 21.5.1940, buried in the German Military Cemetery near St. Quentin (France).
Lt./Oblt. Leupold (v. Heer), KfzOffz. d. Staffel.
Oblt. Maclean (only with the Staffel for a short time)
Uffz./Fw. Merklin (v. Heer)
Lt./Oblt. Metzner (v. Heer), NachrOffz. d. Staffel.
Uffz./Fw. Ricklin (v. Heer)
Oblt. Roth (v. Heer)(with the squadron until 4/40)
Hptm. Sorge (B/FF)(only with the Staffel for a short time)
Lt./ Oblt. Stahl (With the Staffel until Summer 1940)


Rang Name Anmerkungen
Fw. Carl (With the Staffel from Autumn 1940)
Fw. Hertzig With the Staffel until his sortie with Oblt. Koecher on 21/5/40, during which he was wounded.
Uffz. Hilsinger
Fw. Jahn
Uffz. Klammer
Uffz. Kloß
Uffz. Kölpin
Uffz./Fw. Mohring
Oblt. Müller FF/B, Techn. Offz. d. Staffel
Lt. Pilcher (With the Staffel from Autumn 1940)
Gefr./Uffz. Pleß (With the Staffel until the summer of 1940)
Lt. Schreiner (With the Staffel from Autumn 1940)
Uffz./Fw. Siegeris
Uffz./Fw. Stiller
Lt./Oblt. Thomas From autumn onwards deployed as Offz. z.b. V.
Uffz./Fw. Wettstein
Uffz./Fw. Witt


StA/OStA Dr.Knauer FF, Staffelarzt
RI/ROI Ruhnke Verwaltungsbeamter („Zahlmeiste“)
TI Michalski Prüfmeister (Flugzeuge)

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  1. Chronik der 2.(H)/31 - Kurt Metzner München, Sept.1983 - via Peter Taghon