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Four views of Kaspar Kähn’s Ju 188F-1 8H+EL of 3.(F)/33 lodged on the rocky foreshore of the Mediterranean island of Kefalonia on 28 July 1944 after being attacked by two Spitfires which put the port engine out of action. Being unable to maintain sufficient air speed the aircraft was ditched close to the island where the current carried it to the shore. Kaspar Kähn and his crew of Unteroffiziere Erwin Gruber, Walter and Fischer would have a wait of two days before being rescued and returned to the Staffel at Athen-Kalamaki.

Bes. Kahn 35a.jpg

Bes. Kahn 36a.jpg

Bes. Kahn 37a.jpg

Bes. Kahn 59a.jpg

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