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4.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 14

Code: (5F + )

Formation and Training. (Nov 38 - Aug 39)

Formed 1 November 1938 at Aigen/Austria (ex-4.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 18) with Dornier Do 17Fs. Probably transferred from Aigen to Köttingbrunn/Austria with the rest of the Gruppe on 15 December 1938, and then to Bad Vöslau/Austria a few months later. The Staffel received some Do 17Ps during the first half of 1939 followed by some Do 17Ms at the beginning of 1940.[1]

Polish Campaign. (Sep 1939)

8.39: Staffel at Bad Vöslau at the end of August. One source (Dierich) claims that it supported 14. Armee (14th Army) in South Poland during September.

8.9.39: 4.(F)/14 at Mankendorf (not located) directly under Koluft 14. (TsAMO 500/12452, Akte 673/85)

West - Phony War. (Sep 39 - May 40)

No information has come to light covering this period, but the Staffel’s transfers and activities probably paralleled those of 1.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 14 (see there).

18.3.40: Do 17P damaged in a landing accident at Fp. Münster-Loddenheide, 50%.

20.4.40: Do 17 accidentally shot up by a fighter from 3./JG 27 near Aachen, 10%, 1 wounded.

24.4.40: Do 17M crash landed at Fp. Goslar, 50%.

Campaign West - Attack on France and the Low Countries. (May 40 - Jun 40)

10.5.40: Belgian-Netherlands border area under Koluft Heeresgruppe B for the campaign in the West that commenced this date with Do 17Ps and Do 17Ms. Staffel’s base not known with certainty, but probably at Münster-Loddenheide or Düsseldorf.

15.5.40: Do 17 P-1 damaged by AA-fire over the Channel coast and crash landed.

18.5.40: 2 Do 17Ps shot down by Hurricanes: one over Douai and the other over Vitry-en-Artois, both in NE France.

19.5.40: Do 17 failed to return from a recce sortie - no details.

Air Offensive Against England (Battle of Britain). (Jul 40 - May 41)

7.40: Staffel received some Bf 110s.

7.40 – 9.40: flew active reconnaissance over the Channel and south coast of England under the operational control of V. Fliegerkorps/Luftflotte 3. The Staffel was based at Paris-Villacoublay with Stab/V. Fliegerkorps throughout the period, but staged most of its missions through either Cherbourg or Caen.

13.7.40: Do 17M returned to Caen damaged after being shot up by Hurricanes off Portland, 10%.

21.7.40: Do 17M shot down by Hurricanes over Blandford, Oblt. Thiele + 2 MIA.

21.7.40: Bf 110 C-5 shot down by Hurricanes over Goodwood/S of Middle Wallop, Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Runde + 1 captured.

3.8.40: Do 17P crashed at 0835 hrs. – no definitive details but apparently it went down in the English Channel with aircraft and crew originally listed as missing; Oblt. Rolf Volkel, Oblt. Hellmuth Schäfer and Fw. Adolf Poppe (radio operator) later listed as KIA.

13.8.40: at Paris-Vi1lacoublay - Staffel reported 7 x Do 17Ps, 3 x Do 17Ms and 3 x Bf 110s on strength under V. F1iegerkorps/Lfl.3.

27.8.40: Bf 110 C-5 damaged in landing accident at Cherbourg, 15%.

7.9.40: Bf 110 C-5 (5F+MM) FTR from recce sortie over England, Oblt. Russel + 1 KIA.

7.9.40: Bf 110 C-5 shot up by fighters and crashed at Cherbourg on return, 20%, 1 WIA.

26.9.40: Bf 110 C-5 (5F+CM) shot down by Spitfires over Hai1sham, 2 MIA.

29.9.40: Do 17P crashed during a night take-off from Plumetot (Douvres)/12 km N of Caen, 100%, 3 killed.

12.10.40: Bf 110 C-5 (5F+MM) struck the ground and crashed near Caen, 100%, Oblt. Doffek + 1 killed.

25.10.40: Do 17P crashed at Fp. Plumetot, 100%, 3 killed.

17.11.40: Bf 110 C-5 FTR to unknown causes while flying a day recce mission to Hastings/Sussex.

8.12.40: Bf 110 C-5 shot down by a Spitfire over Portsmouth.

1.41: began conversion to the Ju 88, which continued during the first half of 1941. Although this appears to have initially taken place at Paris-Villacoublay, the Staffel may have moved to Germany a short time later.

5.1.41: Ju 88 A-5 damaged due to mechanical problems at Fp. Paris-Villacoublay, 20%.

27.2.41: Ju 88 damaged taxiing at Fp. Herzogenaurach in Germany, 30%.

Central Russia. (Jun 41 - Nov 43)

19.6.41: Ju 88A-5 damaged fuselage and undercarriage at Fp. Dolubowo/80 km NW of Brest-Litovsk in eastern Poland, 60%.

22.6.41: Staffel in direct reconnaissance support of Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Center) for the attack on the Soviet Union this date.

6.7.41: Ju 88 (5F+EM) FTR from recce over the Orsha-Velizh-Vitebsk area, 100%, 4 MIA.

29.7.41: Ju 88 crashed due to engine trouble at Fp. Vitebsk, 100%, 3 killed and 1 injured.

8.9.41: Ju 88 (5F+LM) FTR from the Tula area, 100%, 4 MIA.

27.9.41: Ju 88 D-l damaged in bombing at Fp. Smolensk, 60%.

14.10.41: Ju 88 (5F+GM) FTR from a recce sortie to Kalinin, 100%, 4 MIA.

11.12.41: Ju 88 D-l crash landed at Fp. Vyazma-North, 80%, 2 injured.

6.1.42: Staffel based at Smolensk-North and now operating directly under VIII. Fliegerkorps over the front between Vyazma and Moscow.

6.1.42: Ju 88 A-5 (5F+QM) FTR over the Kobinka area, 100%, 4 MIA.

16.1.42: Ju 88 (5F+EM) FTR from over the Rzhev area, 100%, Staka Hptm. v. Dewitz + 3 MIA.

5.2.42: Ju 88 D-5 crashed on take-off from Fp. Vitebsk, 100%, 2 killed.

25.2.42: Ju 88 A-5 shot up and belly landed at Fp. Smolensk-North, 50%.

1.3.42: Staffel reported 12 x Ju 88 D-1s and D-5s on strength.

4.4.42: Ju 88 D-1 (5F+EM) FTR from recce over the Toropets-Velizh area, 100%, 4 MIA.

6.4.42: based at Smolensk-North.

19.4.42: assigned to Fernaufklärungsgruppe (FAGr.) 2 on or about this date.

13.5.42: In preparation for Operation “Nordpol”, a major effort to attack and roll up a large bulge or salient in the front line in the Toropets area created by the Russians during their winter counteroffensive west of Moscow, the Staffel was ordered to carry out recce along the roads Toropets-Butaki, Nelidova- Byeloy and Nelidova-Zhelidarovo, and along the rail line running west from Nelidova. Special attention to be paid to enemy concentrations building up along the flanks of 102d Infantry Division.

20.5.42: still based at Smolensk-North.

17.6.42: Ju 88 D-l belly landed at Fp. Dugino, 30%.

23.6.42: Staffel ordered to fly recce in the Belyy-Nelidova area in support of Operation “Seydlitz” (the planned destruction of the Russian 39th Army and XI Cavalry Corps in the German 9th Army sector) under 2. Fliegerdivision.

24.6.42: still at Smolensk-North.

3.7.42: Ju 88 D-5 (5F+HM) FTR from combined recce/bombing mission in the Byeloy area with 3 other Ju 88s from 4.(F)/14 - in addition to bombing several occupied villages, the four Ju 88s also dropped 15,000 leaflets, 100%, 4 MIA (from 2. Fliegerdivision after-action report).

20.7.42: Ju 88 A-5 damaged fuselage at Fp. Dugino/halfway between Vyazma and Rzhev, 70%.

4.8.42: at Dugino.

29.8.42: at Dugino.

10.9.42: Ju 88 D-l shot up and crash landed at Fp. Dugino, 25%.

30.9.42: Ju 88 D-l damaged in landing accident at Fp. Dugino, 30%.

12.11.42: Staffel flew 2 Ju 88 sorties under 1. Fliegerdivision.

13.11.42: flew 3 Ju 88 recce sorties as above.

28.11.42: Ju 88 D-l “Trop” caught fire after being hit by enemy AA and came down NE of Sychevka, 100%, 1 WIA.

4.12.42: Staffel attacked railway stations at Panino and Borgi, the airfield at Masary, and nearby villages; 3 direct hits were observed on the airfield (from a 1. Fliegerdivision after-action report).

6.12.42: flew an attack on the railway stations at Toropets and Masary with 2 Ju 88s (from a 1.Fliegerdivision after-action report).

26.1.43: based at Dugino.

9.2.43: Ju 88 A-l damaged landing at Fp. Dugino, 15%.

10.2.43: Ju 88 D-l (5F+IM) FTR - no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

1.3.43: Staffel reported 7 x Ju 88 D-1 on strength.

1.3.43: Ju 88 D-l crashed on take-off from Fp. Dugino, 100%, 1 injured. German forces began evacuating the Vyazma-Dugino area around this date, and the last members of the Staffel are believed to have departed Fp. Dugino on 12 March.

19.3.43: Ju 88 D-l crashed on landing at Fp. Smolensk-North, 75%.

20.4.43: Ju 88 D-l belly landed at Fp. Smolensk-North, 20%.

2.6.43: Ju 88 D-l (5F+PM) FTR - no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

10.7.43: Staffel reported 14(11) Ju 88s on strength.

1.8.43: Ju 88 D-l returned shot up and belly landed at Fp. Smolensk-North, 70%.

12.8.43: photographed the Vyazma area.

29.8.43: Ju 88 D-l shot down by AA-fire in Planquadrat 3576 (NE of Roslavl), 100%, crew safe.

6.9.43: Ju 88 D-l belly landed at Bobyri due to engine failure, 70%.

13.10.43: Ju 88 D-l (5F+YM) FTR - no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

25.10.43: Ju 88 D-l crash landed at Fp. Baranowicze due to engine failure, 20%. Staffel based at Baranowicze/132 km SW of Minsk at least by this date under FAGr. 2.

25.10.43: Ju 88 D-l force landed in Pl.Qu. 9345 (just west of Gomel) due to mechanical trouble, 100%, crew safe.

5.11.43: Ju 88 D-l force landed W of Baranowicze due to engine failure, 45%.

6.11.43: photographed the Vorozhba area/42 km E of Konotop.

Germany. (Nov 43 - May 44)

11.43 – 5.44: withdrawn from operations for conversion to the Ju 188. The new aircraft were received during January and by 1 February it had 12 x Ju 188 F-1s on strength. It is not known where this occurred, but many of the (F) Staffeln underwent Ju 88 to Ju 188 conversion in East Prussia. At least one usually reliable source places the Staffel at Gutenfeld/East Prussia during this period. That same source states that the re-equipping, conversion and practice flights ended in March 1944 and the Staffel returned to operations at Fp. Baranowicze at that time.

Poland, East Prussia and Germany. (Jun 44 - Apr 45)

28.6.44: back at Baranowicze under FAGr. 2/Luftflotte 6 with Ju 188s. Evacuated Fp. Baranowicze on 5 July.

7.44 – 9.44: unlocated, but probably in northern Poland and East Prussia. Unconfirmed sources have it at Sudauen (Suwałki) to 15 July, then at Gross Schiemanen (Szymany) to August and then at Wormditt (Orneta) through September.

10.44 – 12.44: at Prowehren/8 km NW of Königsberg in East Prussia under FAGr. l.

1.12.44: Staffel reported 7 x Ju 188 D-2 and 3 x Ju 188 F-1 on strength.

12.1.45: the Russians opened their winter offensive along the Vistula and most Luftwaffe units withdrew west to West Prussia, Pomerania and into the Reich.

4.2.45: now at Rahmel/25km NNW of Danzig in West Prussia.

4.3.45: disbandment of 4.(F)/14 proposed by Luftflotte 6.

7.3.45: one Schwarm (4 Ju 188s) ordered to remain at Rahmel while the rest of the Staffel directed to transfer to Tutow-South for incorporation into 5.(F)/122.

13.3.45: element of Staffel ordered to transfer to Ventspils (Windau)/Latvia.

14.3.45: officially ordered disbanded this date.

17.3.45: at Tutow-South with Ju 188 D-2s.

29.3.45: still shown at Tutow-South under FAGr. 2.

7.5.45: in existence to the end, the Staffel is said to have joined FAGr. 2 at Odense/Denmark in the last days of April or the first days of May and dissolved there on 7 May.

FpN: 4.(F)/14 (L 33930).


Maj. Rudolf Weimann (Nov 38 - Feb 39 or Feb 40)

Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Runde (Feb 40 - 5/40 or 7/40)

Hptm. Franz Kusatz (Kiesacz) (  ? -  ? ) 5/40

Hptm. Josef (“Sepp”) Berlage (  ? -  ? ) 9/42

Hptm. Lothar Streicher (  ? -  ? ) 1943-44

Maj. Hans Nebelin (  ? - Apr 45)

Hptm. Karl Fuchs? (Apr 45 -  ? )

Also see:

AUGUSTIN, Friedrich, Lt.

BANGERT, Hans, Lt.

BARDT, Wulf-Dietrich, Hptm.

BAUER, Georg, Lt.d.R.

BLASBERG (BLASEBERG?), Kurt Werner, Lt. (Kr.O.)


BROD, Paul, Oblt.

BRÖSICKE, Hans-Joachim, Oblt.

DIEHL, Hans, Oblt.

DOFFEK, Leopold, Oblt.

ENGEL, Walter, Oblt.

FABER, Wilhelm, Lt.

FÄRBER, Erich, Lt.d.R.

FEILMAYER, Heinz (Heinrich), Oblt.

FELIX, Franz, Lty.

FELTEN, Josef, Lt.

FISCHER, Helmut, Lt.

GÖDSCHE, Hans, Lt.

GREIM, Siegmund, Oblt.

GROW, Ernst, Oblt.

HAFER, Otto, Lt.

HANNIG, Walter, Lt. (Kr.O.).

HEUER, Robert, Oblt.

HEUFER, Klaus, Lt.

HOCKER, Helmut, Lt.

HOFER, Otto, Lt.

JÄHNE, Heinz-Joachim, Oblt.

JOCHIM, Walter, Oblt.

KIPFMÜLLER, Heinz, Lt. (Kr.O.)


KROHE, Christian, Lt.


LOSSE, Georg, Lt.


MENGE, Franz Josef, Lt.

MERK, Otto, Oblt.

NAGEL, Willi, Lt.d.R.

NIESSEN, Bernhard, Lt.

OTTO, Joachim, Lt.

PANEK (PANNEK?), Wilhelm, Lt.

PAWLIK (PAWLICK?), Hubertus, Oblt.

PFLUGBEIL, Karl, Oblt.

PRESBER, Peter, Lt.?

REINARDY, Josef, Lt.

RUSSEL, Gerhard, Oblt.


SCHWAB, Heinrich, Oblt.

SCHWARZ, Hans, Obblt.


STRAMM, Erich, Oblt.


THIEL, Georg, Oblt.

THIEL, Werner, Hptm.

WAPPLER, Horst, Oblt.

WENSE, Hasso von der, Oblt.

ZIEGLER, Arnim, Lt.

ZIESER, (first name?), Oblt.

ZIMMERMANN, Richard, Lt.

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress). (1st Draft 2021)

Additional Notes & Losses

7.8.40 - Aircraft of 4.(F)/14 took-off at 14.25 hrs for a reconnaissance mission covering the following British airfields:- Broughton-Overtown; Swindon-Watchfield; Brize Norton; Abingdon; Oxford-Kidlington; Benson (partly obscured by clouds); Tangmere and Thorney Island. [2]

1 Do 17 from this unit was sent out for the afternoon sortie, departing at 15.50 hrs, to monitor activity in the English Channel.[3]

8.8.40 – 1 Do 17 departed at 09.40 hrs to monitor the Channel and perform weather reconnaissance.[4]

13.3.45 - Memo on this date from Gen.d.Aufklärungsflieger Koller instructed the dissolution of this unit.[5]


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