Gefechtsverband Harder

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Gefechtsverband Harder

Formed 25 June 1944 at Târgsorul Nou/Romania as a provisional Geschwaderstab to be responsible for the training and tactical employment of all air defence Jagdgruppen based in Romania under Jagdfliegerführer Rumänien. These Jagdgruppen initially included I./JG 53, III./JG 77, elements of JG 301 and occasionally II./JG 51. Disbanded o/a 25 August 1944 as the Germans began the evacuation of Romania following a massive offensive by the Soviets and Romania’s “change of sides”. In effect, Gefechtsverband Harder was one and the same as Gruppenstab I./JG 53 (commanded by Maj. Jürgen Harder during this period).[1]

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