Gefechtsverband Sigel (1st)

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Gefechtsverband Sigel [lst Formation]

Formed on or about 22 May 1942 at Derna/Libya under Fliegerführer Afrika as a tactical designation for a composite force under Geschwaderstab/St.G. 3 (Kommodore: Obstlt. Sigel) charged with furnishing close support for the Afrikakorps’ renewed offensive toward Tobruk and beyond that commenced on 26 May. Initial composition included all three Gruppen of St.G. 3, III./ZG 26 and 12./LG 1, with II./JG 27 and 4.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 12 added several weeks later. The Gefechtsverband is thought to have been disbanded around the first half of July 1942.[1]


Obstlt. Walter Sigel (R, EL) (5/42 - 7/42?)

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