Gefechtsverband Weiss (1945)

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Gefechtsverband Weiss (1945)

Formed 3 March 1945 at Praust/near Danzig or at Danzig-Langfuhr on 4 March, probably from Stab/Jagdfliegerführer Westpreussen, and assigned directly under II. Fliegerkorps to provide concentrated ground attack support for the hard-pressed German forces in West Prussia and Pomerania. Its commander was the noted ground attack specialist Oberst Otto Weiss. Composition on 3 March consisted of Stab/NAGr. 4 (Praust), 1./NAGr. 4 (Praust), elements of Nahaufkl.St. 11./12 (Praust), Stab/JG 51 (Danzig-Langfuhr), I. and IV./JG 51 (Langfuhr). Composition on 28 April was Stab/NAGr. 4, 2./NAGr. 2, Nahaufkl:St. 11./12, II./SG 77, 3./NSGr. 4, 1./JG 52, and III./JG 52. The Stab was at Schweidnitz under Luftwaffenkdo. 8 on 3 May 1945 and responsible for air support for AOK 17.[1]

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