Gen.Kdo. Fliegerkorps XIV

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Gen.Kdo. Fliegerkorps XIV

(FpNs: L 52000)

Kommandierender General:

Gen.d.Flieger Joachim Coeler (30 Apr 43 - 29 Aug 44)

Probable Subordination:

Ob.d.L.(1 May 43 - 30 Jun 44)

Luftflotte 10(1 Jul 44 - 29 Aug 44)

Subordinate Units:

Transportfliegergeschwader und Gruppen (air transport formations)

Formation and History. (May 43 - Aug 44)

Formed on or about 1 May 1943 (end of April and 15 May are given in other sources), probably at Tutow in Mecklenburg, as the general headquarters for all Luftwaffe transport formations and replacement units. In Feb 44, the Stab is said to have moved to Schloss Putbus on Rügen, an island off the Baltic coast opposite Stralsund. The Personalleitstelle/XIV. Fliegerkorps was located at Berlin-Schönwalde, this being a personnel processing center responsible for assigning and reassigning personnel that belonged to transport units. Renamed Stab/General der Transportflieger on 29 Aug 44.[1]

Flugbereitschaft Gen.Kdo. Fliegerkorps XIV

Said to have existed but no information has been found.

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