General der Luftwaffe für Nordnorwegen

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General der Luftwaffe für Nordnorwegen

(FpN: L 24552)

also as: Kommandierender General der deutschen Luftwaffe in Nordnorwegen

Kommandierender General:

Gen.Lt. Hermann Bruch (21 Apr 41 - 31 Jul 42)

Formation and History. (Apr 41 - Jul 42)

Formed o/a 21 April 1941 in North Norway, possibly at Moen near Narvik. Under Luftflotte 5 (Oslo), had authority over Luftwaffe forces and activities in North Norway, especially in conjunction with the buildup and offensive across North Finland toward Murmansk in late June 1941. By 1 Nov 41 the Stab had relocated to Kirkenes were it remained. Ordered disbanded on 20 June 1942 by Luftflotte 5, and effectively carried out over the next several weeks.[1]

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