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KGr. z.b.V. 300

Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 300

(Unit Code: ?)

Formation. (Nov 41)

Formed 23 November 1941 at Hörsching/12 km SW of Linz in N Austria on the orders of Chef des Ausbildungswesens/Ob.d.L. for service in North Africa. Initially equipped with 53 Ju 52 transports, most of which came from the multi-engine training schools.[1]

North Africa, South Russia, Germany. (Dec 41 - Apr 43)

1 Dec 41: entire Gruppe transferred from Hörsching to Athens-Tatoi on or about this date and assigned to X. Fliegerkorps. On arrival, KGr.z.b.V. 300 began flying fuel, supplies and personnel to Derna/Libya with intermediate refueling stops on Crete.[2]

3 Dec 41: in addition to those listed below, the Gruppe lost a further 4 Ju 52s in crashes and another to a fighter at Athens-Tatoi, Athens-Kalamaki, Derna, Benina/Libya and Crete between 3 and 18 December.[3]

8 Dec 41: 2 Ju 52s bombed on the ground at Fp. Derna during an enemy air attack, both 100%, 1 WIA.

11 Dec 41: Ju 52 (TA+QA) reported missing in the Derna area, 100%, 3 MIA.

12 Dec 41: Ju 52 (KB+HO) believed shot down near Heraklion (Iraklion)/Crete, 100%, 4 MIA.

18 Dec 41: Ju 52 crashed at Athens-Tatoi, 100%, 4 KIA.

4 Jan 42: 2. Staffel alerted for movement to Kiev – Post Volinski in Ukraine, and elements of the Staffel began arriving there on 17 January.[4]

17 Jan 42: Ju 52 damaged while taking off from Kiev – Post Volinski, 40%.

10 Feb 42: the rest of the Gruppe moved from Hörsching to Kraków/S Poland and then left there on 11 February for Kiev – Post Volinski.[5]

21 Mar 42: at Kiev – Post Volinski.[6]

12 May 42: Ju 52 (NJ+CU) believed shot down at Bolshya, 100%, 11 MIA.

14 May 42: Ju 52 shot up and force landed near Poltava.

Jun 42: handed over all 27 remaining Ju 52s to other units and transferred from Kiev – Post Volinski to Braunschweig-Waggum where, on 1 July, it became the Ergänzungsgruppe for the transport branch. The Gruppe’s new organizational structure consisted of a Gruppenstab (with 2 Fi 156s), 1. and 2. Staffel (each with 12 Ju 52s for training replacement crews), 3. Staffel (Go 244 training), and 4. Staffel (as an operational “Verfügungsstaffel Gen.Qu.” - (= reserve or duty Staffel) assigned to the General Quartermaster and equipped with Ju 52s). Thereafter, KGr.z.b.V. 300 (less 4. Staffel) came directly under the Lufttransportchef/Ob.d.L. and served as a training unit and replacement pool for transport aircrew personnel through April 1943. While 4. Staffel flew transport missions as directed by the Gen.Qu./Ob.d.L., 1. and 2. Staffel were called upon in September 1942 to provide individual Ju 52s and crews to reinforce KGr.z.b.V. Wittstock in Italy.[7]

4 Sep 42: Ju 52 crashed and burned at Fp. Brindisi/SE Italy, 100%, 3 KIA.

15 Sep 42: Ju 52 crash landed at Fp. Petsamo/N Finland, 30%.

25 Sep 42: Ju 52 crash landed after accidentally making contact with the ground at Fp. Lvov/SE Poland, 25%.

3 Nov 42: 2 Ju 52s believed to have collided in mid-air and crashed on Monte Galino just south of the Brenner Pass in NE Italy, both 100%, 9 killed.

9 Nov 42: 2 Ju 52s shot up by fighters and forced down near Sidi el Barrani/190 km ESE of Tobruk, both 100%, 3 WIA.

1 Jan 43: a few aircraft belonging to 4. Staffel identified as operating from Kiev – Post Volinski.[8]

Jan 43: 4. Staffel detached from its duties in the East and sent to the Mediterranean where it served until March in its role as “Verfügungsstaffel Gen.Qu.”.[9]

5 Feb 43: 4. Staffel Ju 52 struck the ground at Wiener Neustadt, 50%.

Feb 43: Gruppe turned over its last remaining Ju 52s to KGr.z.b.V. Wittstock at the end of February and transferred without aircraft from Braunschweig-Waggum to Berlin-Schönwalde to refit and re-equip.[10]

4 Mar 43: 4. Staffel Ju 52 struck by a landing Ju 87 at Fp. Lvov, 45%.

25 Mar 43: 5. Staffel began forming at Leipheim as a replacement unit for Me 323 crews.[11]

Apr 43: Gruppe reported a total of 23 Ju 52s on strength.[12]

21 Apr 43: 5. Staffel Me 323 crash-landed at Fp. Leipheim, 10%.

1 May 43: official renamed Ergänzungs-Transportfliegergruppe.[13]

FpN:Gruppenstab and 1. – 5. Staffel (L 46708)


Hptm. Heinrich (Martin?) Schlosser (acting?) (1942 - c. Jun 42) 1/42

Obstlt. Gustav Damm ( ? - ? ) 1942

Hptm. Friedrich-Anton Gundelfinger (acting?) ( ? - ? ) 1942

Maj. Edgar(?) Schwaneberg? ( ? - ? ) 1942

Maj. Kurt Wendorff (1943 - 1 May 43)

Also see:

ALBERTS, Hinrich(Heinrich?), Lt. Pilot.

APEL, Friedrich, Lt. Pilot.

BAASKE, Otto, Hptm.

BARTHA, Ernst, Oblt. WIA.

BAUSER, Ernst, Hptm. Pilot. Staka 1./KGr.z.b.V. 300.

BELUSA, Gustav, Oblt. Staka 4./KGr.z.b.V. 300.

BERTHOLD, Heinrich, Lt. Pilot.


BRIEN, Oswald, Hptm. Staka 1./KGr.z.b.V. 300, then Staka 5./KGr.z.b.V. 300.

BÜSSELMANN, Ernst, Hptm.d.R.z.V.

DRINKUT, Ludwig, Oblt.(Kr.O.).

FABIUNKE, Kurt, Maj.

FÖRSTER, Joachim, Oblt.d.R.

GEBAUER, Wilhelm, Lt.

GRAICHE, Heinz, Oblt.d.R.

GRIEFAHN, Hans-Joachim, Lt.

GUNDLFINGER, Friedrich-Anton, Hptm./Flugkapitän. Pilot. Staka 1./KGr.z.b.V. 300.

JAKOB, Rüdiger, Maj. Staka 3./KGr.z.b.V. 300.

JUNG, Hermann, Oblt.(Kr.O.).

KAMMERMEIER, Johann, Lt.(Kr.O.).

KEDING, Karl, Hptm.d.R.

KEMPE, Friedrich-Karl, Oblt.d.R. Pilot.

KERL, Heinz, Lt.

KERREIT, George, Oblt.

KOBERG, Max, Oblt.d.R.

KOHL, Georg, Lt.

KÖHLER, Erich, Oblt.(Kr.O.).

KOLBENSCHLAG, Wilhelm, Oblt. Pilot. Staka 1./KGr.z.b.V. 300.

LINKE, Hans, Lt.(Kr.O.).

MARQUARDT, Hans, Oblt.

MELTZER, Walter, Oblt.

MESENBERG, Heinz, Lt.(Kr.O.).

METZER, Walter, Oblt. RK.

MEYER, Hermann, Oblt.(Kr.O.) Pilot?

NESTLER, Christoph, Lt.d.R.

OPITZ, Werner, Oblt.(Kr.O.). Pilot? Staka 4./KGr.z.b.V. 300, then Staka 1./KGr.z.b.V. 300.

RABE von PAPPENHEIM, Ernst, Oblt.d.R.

REINECKE, Walter, Oblt. Staka Stabsstaffel/KGr.z.b.V. 300. WIA.

REITHMÜLLER, Konrad, Oblt./Hptm. Pilot?

RUHL, Julius, Oblt.(Kr.O.). Pilot.

SCHWANEBERG, Edgar, Hptm. Pilot. Staka.

SIEGEL, Hans-Joachim, Hptm.

SNOBECK, Otto, Lt.(Kr.O.).

SOMMER, Willi, Hptm. Pilot. Staka 2./KGr.z.b.V. 300.

WERNER, Karl, Oblt.(Kr.O.).


WYLUDDA, Eitel-Gerhard (WYLUDTA, Eitel-Georg?), Hptm.

ZIMMERREIMER, Joachim, Hptm. Pilot.

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress, 2022).

(1st Draft 2022)


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