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Jan 1940 - Stab and 4 staffeln formed.

May 1940 - designated as III./KGzbV 2

10 May 1940 - part of Luftlandekorps, 7 Fliegerdivision.

Gruppenkommandeure - Hptmn Frier von Hornbach.

Establishment 53 Ju 52/3m Available 51 Ju 52/3m

Based - Lippstadt

Carried 753 men from Infantrie Regiment 47 as reinforcements for the fallschirmjäger who had successfully landed at Valkenburg.

This unit lost 48 Ju 52/3ms destroyed or damaged during the landing operation at Valkenburg at approx 06.12am. This blocked the runway at Valkenburg causing later landings to divert to the beaches around Katwijk.

Additionally, the aircraft were subsequently bombed by Dutch Fokker T Vs.

Jun 1940 - Staffeln disbanded.

Oct 1941 - Stab disbanded


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