KGrzbV 5

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Jan 1942 - unit formed[1]

Northern Sector of the Eastern Front.[2]

Mar 1942 - Operations in the relief of Demyansk[2]

From late Feb 1942, when KGrzbV 9 lost a number of aircraft in an attempt to land at Kholm, it was decided that Kholm was to be dependent upon Go 242 and DFS 230 gliders towed by aircraft from KGrzbV 5. The DFS 230s arrived in the landing areas at dusk and dawn. Several gliders a day were flown into the pocket – dependent upon the weather and aircraft availability. The gliders landed where they could – this sometimes meant on the towns streets – losses in gliders, crews and troops being flown in were high. Those glider crews that survived the flight and landing then fought alongside the ground troops until the pocket was relieved.

Southern Sector of the Eastern Front.[2]

23 Nov 1942 - 2 Feb 1943 - Stalingrad airlift[2]

May 1943 - all except Stab became TGr 10[1]


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