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c. September 1941 - Formed at Langendiebach under Luftgaukdo. XII and remained there until the beginning of 1942.

20 Mar 1942 - transferred from Langendiebach to Lisieux/43 km E of Caen in NW France to take over for Koflug 5/XIII, which had been ordered to North Africa.

May – Jun 1942 - departed Lisieux and transferred to South Russia as part of the large buildup for the summer offensive toward Stalingrad and into North Caucasia.

20 Aug 1942 - at Tatsinskaya to the west of Stalingrad.

2 Nov 1942 - now at Rostov under Luftgaukdo. Rostow.

Feb 1943 - retreating via Taganrog.

4 Mar 1943 - at Krivoy Rog/C Ukraine, but temporarily surplus and in reserve pending assignment following the German withdrawal from the Rostov area.

Apr – Aug 1943 - not identified, but probably remained in Ukraine until July or August.

14 Sep 1943 - identified at Kruševac/Serbia under Feldluftgaukommando XXX/Lw.-Kdo. Südost, and believed to have just arrived there. A month later, moved to Franzfeld (Kraljevičevo, Alibunar) in the Banat NNE of Belgrade to take command over the new airfields being constructed in that area.

7 Jun 1944 - still at Franzfeld and remained there to October 1944 - subordinated the Fliegerhorstkommandanturen at Franzfeld (Alibunar), Niš, Pančevo, Belgrade-Zemun, Kraljevo and Kruševac.

15 Nov 1944 - now at Pécs in S Hungary, having just moved from Franzfeld.

21 Jan 1945 - ordered disbanded this date by Luftflotte 4, but this may have been postponed because its Feldpost number was never deleted. No further identified.


L 45878

L 08460


Oberst Walther Aschoff (9 Apr 42 -

Oberst Fritz Heising (Jan 43 - Mar 43)

Oberst Alfred Fleischer (Mar 43 - ? ) 12/44


Posting by Larry deZeng IV on Axis History Forum 3 Nov 2004.