Koluft Pz.AOK 3

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Koluft Pz.AOK 3

(FpN: L 30688)

also as: Koluft Panzergruppe 3 (to 1 January 1942)


Obstlt. Hans Berger (15 Feb 41? - 16 Sep 41)

Maj. Heinrich Bues (?) (16 Sep 41 - Apr 42)

Formation and History. (Feb 41? - Apr 42)

Formed 15 February 1941 according to one source or o/a 17 March 1941 according to other sources. The earlier date may be the date formation was ordered or first appeared in a “Barbarossa” planning document for the invasion of the USSR, while the second date is the date its formation actually got underway.[1]

Central Russia

21 Jun 41: Koluft Pz.AOK 3 subordinated this date: 7 Aufklärungsstaffeln (2.(F)/33; Gruppenfliegerstab 11 with 1.(H)/11, 4.(H)/12, 1.(H)/13; Gruppenfliegerstab 21 with 3.(H)/12, 7.(H)/13, 2.(H)/32), Kurierkette Panzergruppe 3, 6 Flak-Abt. (Flakregimentsstab 149 with I./29, I./36, le.73, le.74, le.75, le.84) and Ln.-Betr.Kp. (H) (mot.) 3.

Jun 41 – Apr 42: supported 3d Panzer Group (later 3d Panzer Army) in the attack on the Soviet Union from 22 June via Bialystok, Minsk area, Lepel, Vitebsk, Nevel, Velikiye Luki, Vyazma, Kalinin and toward Moscow.

6 Jul 41: Koluft at Lepel.

1 Aug 41: a Fi 156 assigned to the Koluft crash landed near Mushna, 55%.

Jan 42: after the advance toward Moscow, the Soviet counterattack and the retreat of German forces westward, 3d Panzer Army took up positions in the Demidov-Velizh-Vitebsk area to the northwest of Smolensk. Whether the Koluft remained with HQ 3d Panzer Army during this period or returned to Germany is not known. No mention of it was found in a review of 3. Panzerarmee records for early 1942.

Apr 42: Koluft Pz.AOK 3 officially disbanded.

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress).

(1st Draft 2023)

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