Luftgaukommando XII (1st)

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Luftgaukommando XII (1st Formation)

(FpN: none assigned)

Kommandierender General:

(Unknown) (12 Oct 37 - 1 Mar 38)

Gen.Lt. Friedrich Heilingbrunner (1 Mar 38 - 30 Jan 41)


Luftkreiskommando 4 (12 Oct 37 - 4 Feb 38)

Luftwaffengruppenkdo. 3 (4 Feb 38 - 1 Feb 39)

Luftflottenkdo. 3 (1 Feb 39 - 30 Jan 41)

Subordinate Commands:

Kommando Flughafenbereiche (airfield regional commands) and Fliegerhorstkommandanturen (air base commands), Luftnachrichten (air force signals), Sanitäts (medical), Flak (antiaircraft), civil air defense, supply, schools, replacements and sundry other ground service and support commands, staffs and units located within its territory of authority. These changed frequently and in the absence of surviving source documentation it is not possible to list them accurately or completely.

Formation and History. (Oct 37 - Jan 41)

Formed 12 October 1937 in Giessen by re-designating Luftgaukdo. 11 (Giessen), but moved to Wiesbaden on 1 April 1938. The Luftgau comprised the Rhineland and Pfalz regions of western Germany and the southern part of the Province of Hesse. Luftgaukdo. XII supported the attack on France and the Low Countries in May 1940 and, together with Luftgaukdo. XIII, was instrumental in setting up the complex of airfield commands and ground organization in western France from June 1940. On 30 January 1941 Luftgaukdo. XII and Luftgaukdo. XIII (Nürnberg) were consolidated as Luftgaukdo. XII/XIII with headquarters in Wiesbaden and a small administrative staff in Nürnberg.[1]

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress).

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