Lufttransportstaffel (See) 222

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9 Dec 1941 - Formed (new) at Travemünde with a single BV 222 flying boat, the V3.

Jan - Mar 1942 - Flew 21 supply flights between Taranto/S Italy and Tripoli/Libya.

May 1942 - Still with this single flying boat, transferred to the seaplane anchorage at Biscarrosse on the southwest coast of France. On arrival it was attached to 3./Küstenfliegergruppe 406 under Fliegerführer Atlantik for use in long-range maritime reconnaissance operations. The “Staffel” never had more than the one BV 222.

May 1943 - Joined by Aufklärungsfliegerstaffel (See) 222 and then incorporated into it.


L 49038


From a web posting by Larry deZeng IV

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