Sonderstaffel (G.S.) 4

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Sonderstaffel (G.S.) 4

Code: ?


L 22 747 (*June 1941. Spring 1942 renamed 4/KGzbV 2).


Formed June 1941 at Leipheim for assignment to Luftflotte 4 in South Russia. In July, it transferred to Vinnitsa in W Ukraine from where it flew supply missions to the airfields at Kirovograd and Nikolayev, mainly to bring up fuel and bombs for Stuka units. It departed Vinnitsa for Leipheim in November when the weather and muddy airfields made glider operations no longer practical. [1]

Commanding Officers

Oblt. Hans(?) Pohl ( - )7/41


Vinnitsa/S.Russia (7/41 - 11/41).

Leipheim/NE Ulm (11/41 - 1/42).

Equipment and Returns

(none found)

Representative Losses – Sonderstaffel (G.S.) 4

13.8.41: He 111 H-5 crashed near Augsburg (no details given), 100%, 2 killed and 2 injured.

23.9.41: Bf 110E crash landed at Vinnitsa-South airfield/Ukraine, 80%.

7.10.41: Me 321 crash landed at Vinnitsa, 100%.
9.10.41: Bf 110E crash landed at Proskurov airfield/Ukraine, 35%.

11.10.41: He 111 H-5 crash landed in bad weather at Ica-East airfield (Kiev?), 40%.

16.10.41: Kl 35 crash landed near Kiev due to engine failure, 60%.

Also see:

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Distinctions and Remarks

See Also

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© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress, 2023).

(1st Draft 2023)


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