Sonderstaffel Buschmann

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Very little is known about this particular unit. Sonderstaffel Buschmann was a coastal patrol unit formed sometime on 12 February 1942 around a core of Estonian volunteers following the German occupation of the Baltic States. The unit was under the command of an ethnic German from Tallin; Oberleutnant Gerhard Buschmann.

The unit’s first combat patrol was on 11 March 1942 by a PTO-4 aircraft in the Gulf of Finland. An aircraft from this unit wore the Stammkennzeichn SB+AD. No Verbandkennzeichen was issued for this unit as it was not officially recognised by the Luftwaffe.

The unit operated Ar 95 seaplanes and at least two ex-Polish RWD-8s and four ex-Estonian PTO-4 aircraft. At it’s peak the unit also operated 34 He-50 and 13 Fokker C-VEs. In April 1943 the unit became a regular seaplane unit when it was absorbed by Aufklärungsgruppe (See) 127 as that unit’s 1 Staffel.

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