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Transportfliegergruppe z.b.V.

(Unit Code: ?)

Formation and History. (Sep 43 - Nov/Dec 43)

Formed around 21 September 1943, possibly at Salon in South France or in North Italy, by renaming KGr.z.b.V. 25. Almost nothing is known about this Gruppe. Even its very existence is subject to question, since it is based on a handwritten entry appearing in the Luftwaffe Generalquartiermeister Loss Reports rather than any official orders or entry in the Field Postal Directory. The single entry in the Loss Reports is dated 24 Sep 43 when a Ju 52 was damaged (15%) during a take-off accident at Pavtych-Nalaye-Belozerka. Belozerka is 12 km SW of Kherson/S Ukraine, but the other two places could not be located. There is reason to believe that the Gruppe was re-designated Transportstaffel 25 (a.k.a. Transportfliegerstaffel Feldluftgaukommando XXV) around November/December 1943 and was used to provide transport support to Feldluftgaukommando XXV in South Russia.[1]

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  1. BA-MA Freiburg: RL 2 III Meldungen über Flugzeugunfälle…..(Loss Reports – LRs); G.Schlaug letter to H.L.deZeng dated 14 July 1995.

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