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Transportfliegerstaffel Hansa

(Unit Code: ?)

Formation. (Jun 43)

Formed June 1943 at Paris – Le Bourget for assignment to XIV. Fliegerkorps. Equipped with LeO 451 transports flown mainly by French volunteer air crews. The Staffel was considered “special” regarding its personnel and equipment allocations and accordingly had its own table of organization (KStN 1179 (L)) separate from all other Transportfliegerstaffeln.[1]

France. (Jun 43 - Sep 44)

14 Jul 43: 2 LeO 451s bombed on the ground at Fp. Paris – Le Bourget, 60% and 30%.

Aug 43 – Jun 44: according to Karl Kössler, the distinguished researcher and authority on Luftwaffe transport units, nothing has been found regarding the Staffel’s activities. The best guess is that it remained at Paris – Le Bourget and flew routine transport missions within France when called up to do so.

10 Jul 44: at Paris – Le Bourget directly under Luftflotte 3. During July, Transportfliegerstaffel Hansa took over all 25 LeO 451s left behind by IV./TG 4 when it was ordered to re-equip with other types.

25 Jul 44: still at Paris – Le Bourget directly under Luftflotte 3.

18 Sep 44: ordered disbanded by Luftflotte 3. It is not known whether the Staffel transferred to Germany when the Germans retreated from France during the second half of August, or whether it remained in France, presumably at Paris – Le Bourget, and was overrun there by Allied forces. The latter is the most likely.

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