Transportstaffel 7. Fliegerdivision

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Transportstaffel 7. Fliegerdivision

(Unit Code: ?)

also as:Stabsstaffel 7. Fliegerdivision?

Formation. (c. Oct 40)

Formed around October 1940, possibly on one of the Berlin airfields. The 7. Fliegerdivision was the tactical headquarters and staff of the Luftwaffe’s paratroop branch. The Staffel is thought to have been a “paper” Staffel that was inactive most of the time and only activated and fleshed out with aircraft and crews when needed, such as when the 7. Fliegerdivision was deployed on operations. The only mention of it so far found in the surviving documents is a single Loss Report entry found below.[1]

North Russia

25 Nov 41: Ju 52 force landed at Pododtses (misspelled, but in Russia) after encountering severe icing, 50%. At the time, 7. Fliegerdivision was deployed on the Leningrad Front and around Lake Ilmen.[2]

Jul 44: renamed Flugbereitschaft 1. Fallschirmjägerdivision.[3]

FpN:(L 17357)


(not found)

Also see:

DÖRWALDT, Friedrich, Hptm.

GERLACH, Heinrich (Hans), Lt./Oblt. Techn.Offz.

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