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Nov 1943 – Stab./122 transferred from Frosinone to Perugia.[1]

4(F)./122 transferred to Odessa.[2]

3 Nov 1943 – A celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the formation of 3.(F)/122 was held at the Kasino Badhoevedorp at 19.30hrs.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
3 Nov 1943 4(F)./122 Ju 88D-1 Returned to Nikolayev-Ost damaged by AA-fire, 10%, Sta. Kap. Hptm. von Wedelstädt + 1 WIA.
4 Nov 1943 2(F)./122 Me 410 100107 Shot down by a 523 FS (27th FBG) A-36A over Castelignano, 100%, the crew, consisting of Uffz. Alfons Stückler (F) and Ofw. Hugo Knetsch (Bf), were killed. [3]

The following is the only claim made in the MTO by US aircraft for an Me 210/410 - 4Nov43; 1/Lt Edmund D. Griffin Jr.; 523FS/27FG; Me210; vicinity of Guidonia A/D; 10:50; PER: B0100/0969 – this pilot went on to claim an Me 109G-2 in the same area 10 minutes later.[4]

6 Nov 1943 – 2(F)./122 flew a photo recce mission over Naples harbor to assess the damage from a Luftwaffe bomber attack that took place during the preceding night.[5]

8 Nov 1943 - Gruko Maj. Orlowski, Hptm. Karl-Heinz Hilbig and another man reported MIA northeast of Pescara on the east coast of Italy in a Ju 88D-l belonging to 1 (F)/123 that was believed shot down by a pair of P-38 Lightnings.[6]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
8 Nov 1943 Stab(F)./122 Ju 88 D-1 4U+UH 430593 This was an aircraft from 1(F)./123. Shot down NE of Pescara by a P-40 of 65th FS(57th FG). Maj. Helmut Orlowski, Hptmn. Kark-Heinz Hilbig and Ofw. Albert Kelbsch all killed.[7] The following claim relates to this loss - 8Nov43; 1/Lt Clarence F. Musgrave; 65FS/57FG; 1xJu88; 1m off Pescara; IntSum 221 - MMFB[8]
9 Nov 1943 4(F)./122 Ju 88D-5 Belly landed at Sarabus, 35%.
9 Nov 1943 5(F)./122 Ju 88D-5 Damaged by AA-fire south of Leningrad, 10%.

10 Nov 1943 Order of Battle recorded 1(F)./122 under the control of Luftwaffen Kommando Sud-Ost with a stock of Ju 88T-1 aircraft – 6 on strength of which 4 were servicable.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
11 Nov 1943 2(F)./122 Me 410 100136 Shot down south of Arpino, 100%, the 2 crew, consisting of Uffz. Jakob Gerlach (F) and Obgfr. Otto Schäfer (Bf), were killed. [9]
22 Nov 1943 1(F)./122 Ju 88A-4 4U+NK 550728 Failed to return from Cyprus, 100%, 4 KIA. This Ju 88 appears to have been borrowed from or formerly belonged to 2. (F)/123. Uffz. Karl-Heinz Rieken and three crew killed.[10]
26 Nov 1943 2(F)./122 Me 410 F6+QK 10253 Shot down by fighters and belly landed in the Sangro River while flying recce over the front lines in the Foggia-Bari-Termoli area, 100%, 2 crew, Ofw. Arthur Kammberger (F) and Uffz. Vitus Mirlbach (Bf) captured.[11]
27 Nov 1943 2(F)./122 Me 410 F6+OK 10259 Reported failed to return from a photo recce over the Naples area, but in fact got lost on the return leg to Perugia and landed at Montecorvino airfield, which was then in Allied hands. The Me 410 was captured intact and found to have on board a treasure trove of valuable signal documents. Fw. Hans Beyer (F) and Uffz. Helmut Hein (Bf) captured[12]

This is an image of F6+QK as it lay in the Sangro River following the crash of 26th November 1943

Me 410 River Sangro web.jpg

29 Nov 1943 – 4(F)./122 sent an aircraft to photograph the airfield at Agaiman, Southern Ukraine (target Code SU 10 8749; Pl. Qu. 34 Ost 47351).[13]


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